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——H(Health 健康)
——K (kindly  体贴的 友好的 温和的)
——N(Noble 高尚 高贵)
——R(regal 帝王 庄严 豪华的)


赫金娜尔——Health kindly noble regal 健康体贴、高贵华丽的王者之风


Health 健康:健康是美丽的源泉,无污染是健康的基础保障,生物能量活性100%源自天然健康原料。
Health is the source of beauty, free from contam-ination is the foundation of health security, biologi-cal energy is 100% pure mask from the natural hea-lth ingredients.
kindly 温和:温和的大自然恩赐给我们健康,纯粹的生物能量供应让每位受孕者及产妇,都可以尽情地去享受这无私的恩赐。
Mild nature's gift to our health, that pure biological energy supply every pregnant and maternal, can enjoy this gift of selflessness.
Noble 高尚:HKNR拒绝做低劣的违背人体生理美化规律的任何事,我们尊重生命、尊重人性。我们是高尚品牌优质产品的缔造者。
anterior HKNR refused to do anything against law of human physiological beautification, we respect life, respect for human nature. We are a founder of the noble brand high quality products.

regal  王者:王者是成功的象征,每个人都具备成功的潜质,每个人都是生命的王者,请尊重每一个即将成为王者的人。

King is the symbol of success, everyone has the pot-ential to success, every man is the king of life, please respect each is about to become the king's men.